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Ámúu Body { to care for your body }™

 is a New Mexico-based artisanal skincare collection, infused with high desert botanicals, vibrant forest essence, and cold-pressed beauty oils. Handcrafted in our Santa Fe studio with organic actives, rich texture, and mesmerizing scent, Ámúu transforms your daily skincare routine into a time-proven beauty ritual.


Woman x Latina x Herbalist Owned

Minuet is a certified clinical herbalist with a love for traditional medicine and science.

She was raised in rural northern New Mexico where she learned about high desert medicinal plants and foliage at a young age. This love for plant medicine grew to encompass  a certification in clinical herbalism with an emphasis in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Folk Medicine practices of the Southwestern United States and Mexico.

Minuet is an alumna of New Mexico Highlands University where she received her formal education in biological sciences. Knowledge in both plant medicine and modern science have shaped the way Minuet formulates our products at Ámúu Body.

When not wild harvested in New Mexico, our ingredients are ethically sourced from trusted growers that practice organic farming and/or proper wild harvesting techniques.

When you shop at Ámúu Body you not only get highly effective skin care, but healthy skin care that you can trust!

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