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why ámúu?

When not wild harvested, our ingredients are sourced from the finest organic growers and held to the upmost purity standards.

our heritage

Handmade in Northern New Mexico, our Piñon Healing Salve™ is created with an ancient recipe rooted in tradition.



Bringing awareness to the skin's microbiome. The majority of skin "issues" are caused by a deficient microbiome.

At Ámúu Body™ we formulate our products to nourish and heal your skin's microbiome. In doing so skin will appear more radiant, balanced, have fewer fine lines, less discoloration, and create a protective barrier from the outside environment i.e.; pollution and unhealthy bacteria that can cause breakouts.


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The skin microbiome keeps the skin healthy by protecting it from the environment.

Oftentimes we over-cleanse, or over-treat our skin which can strip away healthy oils, and bacteria leaving us susceptible to dry, irritated, and blemish prone skin.

(psst...even premature aging).

Ámúu products are formulated with a healthy skin microbiome in mind! Crafted with ingredients that mimic the skins natural process.


What is your skin microbiome?

Ámúu noun
to care, to protect

Derived with respect from the Keres Native American Language.