Why Ámúu?

Ámúu Body is an artisanal skincare collection handcrafted in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Each of our products is carefully formulated, and scientifically tested for appropriate pH levels to ensure maximum efficacy.

Our products are created with cold-pressed oils, fragrant botanicals, pure clays, and potent organic actives that will reveal your skin's natural radiance.




founder, maker + clinical herbalist


Image: Photography D'Amour 2021

I have been a practicing clinical herbalist for over a decade. I have a passion for integrative medicine, science, sustainability and non-toxic products that work! 
I began Ámúu Body in July of 2018. I was a new mom that hit the trifecta postpartum:
acne, fine lines and low self esteem. 
I formulated this collection to be low comedogenic, acne-fighting and preventative. 
Each ingredient is wildcrafted by me, or ethically sourced.
I hand-make every single product down to the smallest detail: ranging from the creation of oil infusions, to crafting the cold process soaps that we carry.
These products gave me a brand new sense of self confidence, and I hope they will do the same for you!

Thank you for stopping by!

XO, Minuet