Sacred Red Clay Mask

  • Sacred Red Clay Mask
  • Sacred Red Clay Mask

This wildcrafted red clay is collected in the high deserts of Arizona where the colorful rocks are aplenty. The coloring of this clay is due to a mineral called Hematite. This brilliant red hematite is a natural type 1 collagen producer, and regenerates the skin. It works by building new, healthy layers to thinning skin. There have been studies that hematite is more effective at regenerating type 1 collagen than Retinol!
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Scent Profile:
No added fragrance- just pure clay.

To Use:
Mix the dry mask in a 2:1 ratio with water. Apply to dampened face. Let dry. Rinse with warm water and cloth. Follow with Renewing Facial Oil.

Wildcrafted Hematite Clay

4oz glass jar