Coconut Superfruit Cleansing Mask/Grains

  • Coconut Superfruit Cleansing Mask/Grains
  • Coconut Superfruit Cleansing Mask/Grains

A daily cleansing mask that purifies and brightens your skin. Infused with silken coconut milk, antioxidant-rich Guava, Island Hibiscus Flowers, and softening clays, this combination will soften your skin, and remove impurities allowing for a brighter, even-toned complexion.

Scent Profile: Light Creamy Coconuts

To Use:
Mix in a 2:1 water ratio and apply to damp skin. Rest for 10-15 minutes. Gently add water in a circular motion to exfoliate, then rinse completely. Follow with Floral Essence Mist and Renewing Oil.

4oz glass jar

Hibiscus Flowers
Hibiscus is known as the "anti-aging" plant. The natural acids present in Hibiscus promote skin purification and help to break down dead skin cells which is essential for new cell growth.

Guava Fruit
Guava fruit is a super fruit filled with healthy, skin loving nutrients like the B group Vitamins, and Vitamins A, E & C which are essential to cell regeneration, and that glowing complexion you desire. The combination of these antioxidants fight free radicals and protect your skin from UV radiation.

Coconut Milk
Coconut Milk is packed with vitamins and minerals. Not only does it soften skin, it also delivers potent amounts of Vitamin C (collagen booster) and Lauric Acid, a well known antibacterial.

Kaolin Clay
Kaolin Clay is known for its ability to effectively cleanse the skin. It is one of the most gentle clay's used for absorption of impurities, while offering a light exfoliation. It does not cause an extreme purging effect as some clay's like bentonite do and it is safe for sensitive, rosacea, and blemish prone skin.