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Dear Friends,


Hi, my name is Minuet. I’m the founder and formulator here at Ámúu Body. I created this skin care line for many reasons some complex, others simple.


Ámúu Body was “born” one year after the birth of my first (and only) child. The prior year had not been nice to me. I had a very difficult pregnancy that led to multiple hospitalizations beginning at only 6 weeks, eventually those complications led to preterm birth and a tiny baby that lived in the NICU for the first months of her life.


Considering the toll that sickness and stress manifested in my life, I lost my self-confidence, and my sense of identity. Nothing was the same in my life, including the way that I looked.


Having a high-risk pregnancy and a fragile baby taught me to view the world differently. I was now more concerned than ever about the beauty products that I used to Band-Aid my self-confidence. At the time I had been a certified herbalist for about eight years and had yet to venture into the science world so when in our local “beauty” store shopping for skin care I had no idea what the ingredients were, how they worked or what their benefits were. I took it upon myself to create healthy skin care based on my herbal knowledge. What I created was healthy and effective for the issues I was facing postpartum.


Fast forward to present day: I can proudly say that after the birth of my daughter I went to college, obtained a BSc in Biology, and currently study Reproductive Science at Eastern Virginia Medical School. With my personal growth, Ámúu Body has also grown. Not only to be a natural skin care brand, but now a science-backed-natural skin care brand.


My current area of study surrounds the effects of everyday items and how those items contribute to human development. I feel more than ever that healthy skin care is not only important but necessary. When I look back at the events leading to where I am today, I realize that the path to being a mother has shaped everything in my life for the better.


My goal at Ámúu Body is to make healthy, effective  skin care available  for those struggling with self-confidence whether postpartum or for other reasons.


Thank you all for this opportunity,



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